Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Welcome! :)

Hi and welcome to Bodycare Luxuries Blog!
My name is Elina and  I would like to introduce myself to you! I'm a busy mom of a 17 month old very, very active toddler and I'm expecting another one any time now. 
Me and my little angel
And all 3 of us (for now :) )

I just love to make yummy smelling, good looking and absolutely indulgent bath and bodycare products! And what once started as a hobby and a way to spoil and pamper my friends and family - soon became a family business.
Here is a sneak-peak to some of the gorgeous things I'm making:
Rose Bath Truffles with real Rose petals

Jasmine & Sandalwood Bath Melts with Calendula petals

Handmade Rose Soap

Handmade Lavender Soap    

Here on my Blog I will share with you "behind the scenes" info and pictures on how I make my products because I think it's important as well as interesting and exciting to see how it's made and how from just an idea it becomes a luxurious treat to pamper yourself! Also I will share my inspiration with you as well as other things related to beauty and healthy living :)
I'm open to your comments, feedback and suggestions and would like to hear from you. You are welcome to leave your comments and thoughts here or alternatively you can drop me a line - elina.vaivade@gmail.com.
Take care for now and see you soon,


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